How Does Your Family Get Ready for Christmas?

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The holidays are here…this crazy year we call 2020 is almost over and we are all thinking it, 2021 has got to be better.  Since we cannot see into the future, let’s make today the best it can be.  What does your family do over the holidays that makes each day feel special?

At our home, we kick off the Christmas Season with Thanksgiving dinner hosted at our home which I have decked with fall décor.  I have cider and a light appetizer waiting at the front door as everybody arrives; I think they all love having a little something to nibble on while I make the final preparations.  This year I made a homemade butternut squash bisque, it turned out delicious…all those savory flavors blended together then served alongside a steaming cup of sweet, cinnamon-y apple cider.  This year I also tried a new spice in my cider…Anise…I got a little concerned as the licorice scent wafted through the house as the cider brewed in my coffee urn, but that fear was dispelled when I tried the first sip. 

The day after Thanksgiving we traditionally take down all the fall and start bringing the multitude of boxes down from the attic, over the weekend the entire house is transformed for Christmas.  Three trees, pillows on all the sofas, Christmas bedding, stockings, cute little Christmas whatnots all over.  We have things we have inherited, things we have bought all the way back to our first Christmas married, and things we have bought recently.  Sometimes somebody doesn’t quite make it through the year and requires repairs…this year it was a reindeer with broken off antlers…I have no idea what happens in those bins during the year, clearly something rough is going on in our attic!

This week I have been taking pictures each day of different special spots throughout our home and posting them on Instagram to share our Christmas home with all our friends near and far.  Most of us won’t get to host our Christmas parties like we usually do, why not consider sharing your beautiful décor with your friends and family on your social media account, most of them would be the people at your home anyway, and the ones far away, would have been if they lived closer.  I think with all we’ve seen and dealt with this year, we need to spread cheer any way that we can. 

Wishing you and yours a Merry Christmas!

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