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It’s been a while since the last time I blogged, 2021 has been a busy one.  We had a great Fancy Flea back in April, the weather was gorgeous and the crowds were perfect.  So many people were ready to get out and enjoy the beautiful Florida spring.  Now, we are headed into the rainy Florida summer.  If you’ve never lived in Florida, let me just tell you, it’s not all sunshine here.  We start the day out hot, it gets hotter by lunch time and as the heat builds so do the clouds, and most afternoons by about 4 we’ve had a heavy rain storm which a lot of times includes lightning and thunder.  Of course, despite the weather, here in Florida, summer time brings cookouts, beach days, pool parties and all the things you associate with summer.  What does your family do for Summer Vacation?  Ours always has gone to the beach, for one week a year my parents, my siblings and now all our spouses and kids converge on one resort on the east coast. It is a place my family has gone since I was just single digits old, so have many of the guest.  These are people who were the parents and grandparents when we were kids we are starting to see pass, so each year you get a report of who isn’t making it this year.  We’ve grown up knowing the same kids and now some of them still return with their kids.  Over 40 years at the same vacation spot, one kind of has that once a year family, an extended family that while we don’t see them over the course of a year, we look forward to each year and hearing how their year went.  I hope each of you have those kind of experiences in your life.  Until next time, have a wonderful summer!

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