About RoseThreads

My name is Amy, I started RoseThreads in 2011 doing local craft shows and on Etsy.  My first shows were small and featured mostly purses.  As time passed, people asked me about doing little dresses, that was the start of a passion for me.  I love picking fabrics, matching prints, and sewing, so it made sense that boutique dresses would be the perfect avenue.  My specialties are infant and toddler dresses with bloomers for the infant sizes. Each dress is unique as I only make one dress per size, 3 months through 5 toddler.  I only use designer fabrics in my collections, so you know that each dress will last the test of time and toddler.  The best thing I have been told about my pillowcase dresses is they can be worn forever, I have had moms tell me they bought the dress and for 2 to 3 years after their little girl has worn the dress, just by adding sleeves in winter, leggings, jeans and even shorts when the get too short.  The longevity of these dresses will amaze you.  

I haven't forgotten about my purses, they have changed over the years but the same quality and attention to detail that originally went into my bags, still is present.  

I grew up and live in Lakeland, FL. It's a not-so-small-anymore town in Central Florida, my studio is where I spend most of my time shopping online for fabrics, planning each season and sewing tirelessly until the last dress for a line is complete.  My dresses and other items are available online or during craft show season you will see me at local craft shows.  I love to meet the people who love my handmade items, so if you see me out, stop and say 'hi'.  

Thank you so much for shopping my store, with so many choices out there, it makes me happy that you chose me.